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Dip Molding Solutions

Discover the strong heritage behind Sinclair & Rush, the largest dip molding company in the world. For 50 years it has been our obsession to become the ONE company world-wide that will not be rivaled in providing your products and custom solutions for masking, product protection and dip molding needs.

With manufacturing plants on three continents, we stand ready to prove why we have grown to be the largest and most innovative dip molding company in the world. To visit our divisional sites click a logo below.


The leading manufacturer of protective caps and plugs made from vinyl, rubber and plastic.

A packaging manufacturer that specializes in clear plastic tubes for use as packaging tubes and mailing tubes.


The largest manufacturer of custom and stock hand grips utilizing a wide range of materials, finishes, sizes and colors. 

Innovative supplier of vinyl plastisol compounds for use in dip coating and dip molding applications.


The world’s leading manufacturer of vinyl and neoprene golf iron covers.

Plastic Vinyl Caps and Plugs :: Hand Grips and Foam Tubing :: Packaging Tubes
Clear Plastic Tubing :: Vinyl Plastisol Compounds :: Can Coolers
Iron Covers and Neoprene Iron Covers


Other Sinclair & Rush Companies